Las Vegas Day Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

You wish to reserve your tour fairly soon since they fill up quickly, and if you purchase your tour beforehand, you receive a better price.

It’s possible to reserve an air-only tour from Vegas, or you could reserve a landing excursion. The air-only tour flies across the West Rim so it is possible to see all of the main highlights under you and it flies back into the city. The landing tours cost more, however, the cost is well worth it since you have to spend some time in the Canyon exploring the region on foot. That creates the landing tours a fantastic price, and you will get to personalize your tour package with different updates so it’s possible to produce a tour you are guaranteed to love.

A remarkably common landing tour to contemplate is the one that puts back on the Canyon floor. You’re going to be treated to some wonderful champagne picnic to enjoy as you soak up the views, and you may also have a boat journey. The ship tour follows the tranquil Colorado River as it wends its way across the vibrant rock Canyon walls, which means you are going to see many amazing sights.

You can land at the top of the Canyon rather in which you can research scenic walking paths and see the renowned Skywalk. When you put in Skywalk tickets into your excursion, you are able to stand on the massive glass bridge that is suspended 4000 ft over the base of the Canyon, so that you may envision the exhilarating views. The view is amazing, and the encounter is exciting and worth the excursion.

Additionally, the path your helicopter flies from Vegas to the West Rim requires you across the Boulder Dam and Lake Mead, and that means you’ll find a bird’s eye perspective of these also.

Pick The Deluxe Upgrade

Mature style helicopters are utilized on the fundamental tours and they supply free transport on a shuttle bus. Should you reserve a deluxe tour, then your complimentary transport is by limo instead. Nevertheless, the actual reason that you would like to think about purchasing the deluxe update is that you will have to fly an EcoStar 130 chopper. The helicopter is intended for exceptional holiday and it starts with the window that offers unobstructed panoramic viewing of this scenery under you. The cabin is spacious and it’s stadium-style chairs so that you will fly at the utmost relaxation.

Additionally, the deluxe tours remove from a helipad directly on the Vegas Strip, therefore in your return flight, you are going to find an aerial perspective of the glitz of town. In case your flight yields late in the day, then you are going to have to see all of the town’s lights ablaze.

Reserve Your Tour Today

Helicopter tours of the Canyon are constantly popular, but vacations such as St. Patrick’s Day are much more busy. You would like to purchase your tour beforehand, and also the simplest way to do that is online. Use your credit card to purchase your tour online and that way your chairs will be verified, and, purchasing on the internet is the perfect method to have a fantastic deal on your excursion.

It is a fantastic idea to dress in layers when you move in your tour since it’s going to likely still be chilly on St. Patrick’s Day. Wear closed shoes and long trousers, and you will likely need a coat or at least a thick sweater. If you are carrying an air-only tour rather, the climate is going to be controlled at the cabin of the helicopter, but it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to put on a sweater to be certain you’ll be comfortable.

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